Just In Time For The NRA Annual Meeting

The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt or TDK is released on a sporadic basis and soon sells out. I saw quite a few gun bloggers wearing them at last year’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston especially at gun blogger get-togethers. Just in time for this year’s Annual Meeting, 5.11 Tactical is releasing the TDK again on April 15th. If you have any money left over after paying taxes, now might be the time to grab one.

According to Guns.com, the kilts will retail for $69 in solid colors and $79 in camo. What would be even cooler is if you could get a tactical kilt like this in your own family tartan (assuming you are of Scottish descent).

4 thoughts on “Just In Time For The NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. If you're wearing a kilt, you won't need a gun because we will be falling down laughing.

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