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This comment of the day should be more accurately be called the rant of the day – and I do so love a good rant.

The rant comes from Michael Bane in response to Hillary Clinton’s comments about how she didn’t believe in gun rights or, at least, gun rights as most of us in the gun culture understand them.

So, let’s recap, kids…this pathetic old harridan, who was willing to stay with a sexual predator indefinitely because she so loved power, who allowed an American ambassador be killed on her watch and American heroes be left behind to die, who looked the family of a man she claimed as friend in the eyes and lied to their faces, who has the cold-blooded gall to tell Congress, “What difference does it make,” who traveled a million miles as Secretary of State and accomplished nothing, who coined the phrase “nuts and sluts” to describe the women her husband sexually abused, who blamed illegalities in her former law firm on her junior associate who didn’t have the power to requisition paper clips, a woman who quite literally has accomplished nothing of consequence in her entire life spent grubbing for power over other people, and she calls us unbalanced?

That is what I call an epic rant!

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