Why Carry When Hiking?

You are out in the woods communing with nature. It is peaceful and quiet. The only man-made sounds you hear are your own footsteps on the trail. So why in the world would you need to carry a firearm?


Francis “Pat” Gregory, 69, of West Tisbury, and a 76-year-old man from Manton, California, were hiking a trail north of Red Bluff on Friday when they were confronted by a gunman, said Tehama County Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Greer.

The robber shot the men after taking their money and belongings, and left the victims for dead on a remote part of the trail until another hiker came upon them about three hours later.

Gregory died at the scene; the surviving victim was hospitalized with critical injuries. A doctor told investigators he was expected to pull through, Greer said.

The men were found about 100 yards from the start of a Bureau of Land Management trail that leads through grasslands, oak trees and lava rocks to an overlook above a bend in the Sacramento River.

You can find some more examples plus some good advice on keeping safe on the trail in Michael Bane’s Trail Safe. You can find it here.

3 thoughts on “Why Carry When Hiking?”

  1. The robber shot the men after taking their money and belongings

    So much for "just give them what want" BS. What if what they want is your life?
    Highly unlikely that these guys from MA would have had the opportunity to arm themselves in CA. Both of those cesspools frown on it.

  2. I backpack all over Texas and nearby states. I have never had anyone employed by the parks or national forests smirk, sneer, or make snide remarks IF they know that I am carrying. On the contrary, to a man they have said, "You'd be crazy to go in there without one."

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