Costing The Anti’s Some Money

I got an email the other day from Mark Kelly (aka Mr. Gabby Giffords) offering me a copy of the new book that he and Giffords just wrote.

Gabby and Mark wrote a new book that’s coming out at the end of this month. It’s called Enough, and it’s about why they are working to keep America safe from gun violence.

We know that some people might contribute less than the book costs, and that’s OK.

 I took them at their word. While I tried to contribute what the book was worth – $0.01 – it wouldn’t let me. However, it did let me contribute a mere buck.

The way I figure it the cost of postage using Media Mail is at least $2.69. The book which has a MSRP of $25 and is selling for $18.63 on Amazon must cost them at least $5 a copy.

Thus, for an investment of $1, I’m costing Americans for Responsible Solutions a minimum of  $7.69. That is a net $6.69 that can’t be used to take away my civil rights.

Now I’m not suggesting you do this but if you’d like to take them up on their offer, go here. You’ll end up costing them some money and you’ll be able to keep an eye on what the anti’s are up to.

UPDATE: As a commenter below has mentioned, it now takes a $25 or more donation to get the book. At that price, they can keep it.

Thanks for your interest in supporting Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC. This promotion has ended at this time. However, you can still receive a copy of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly’s book Enough with a donation of $25 or more on this page.

Nonetheless, it reads as if those of us who “donated” a buck will still get the book.

Take this as a reminder that our opponents may be misguided, misinformed, and malcontents but they aren’t stupid. I’m guessing, though I have no proof, that they woke up to the number of low donations that they started getting.

26 thoughts on “Costing The Anti’s Some Money”

  1. I always send back the prepaid return envelope to any liberal/democratic fundraising request with a few choice comments, sans my name and address, of course, so they keep my name on the mailing lists. Costs them the postage, at least.

    1. I've heard of people sending back 33 pennies, which costs extra for the weight.

      Then, they (the sender) claim it's a mistake and demands their money back, forcing the group to either send back 33 pennies, or cut a check for $0.33 (plus postage).

      Hilarity ensues. 🙂

    1. Sun Tzu says Hell Yeah. Do you think a sniper at one mile is a dirty trick when the enemy can't even see the sniper???? Chivalric codes of warfare work if both sides observe the rules. Marxists have no rules and they will do anything to advance their agenda. Outright dishonesty is not what I am about, I will not lie to you but sapping their money or means to do way by accepting an offer they make and using their own sword against them is quite acceptable.

      Remember Daivd used a rock to stun Goliath, he used Goliath's own sword to take his head.

      If you think for one moment that if they had the uppper hand, and they could get away with it, they would not kill us all ourright you are a fool sir. That is the only limit on their acts. Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals then tell me how to deal with this filth. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer; the "Father of Lies" and the "Author of Confusion".

      So Alinsky's approach to attaining his promised land was to steal it from those who had worked for it any way he possibly could using every attribute that is attributed to corruption and evil in the Christian World.

      A snake is a snake. You can nurture it and allow it to live with you but in the end it will still bite you.

      Clearly you honor "image' over doing what it takes. I can only imagine the Marxists laughter when they encounter someone who's sense of honor is so carved in stone. Do you possibly imagine that they will not exploit that??? Obama himself is a prime example. Pretending to recognize the Black Polulation while illegally importing direct competition to jobs and well being. Subterfuge, lies and coersion, those are his modi. david Alinsky even praised Obama for following his fathers guidlines.

      What does it take to convince you of the reality of the situation.

    2. To add to this comment, I would suggest that 'honorable' rules of engagement will only work if both sides follow them. You can go collect your dead after the battle, but only if the enemy's snipers don't add you to the pile. Marxists don't follow such rules – it's all subterfuge in their plan, undermining anything that is or could support opposition, 'co-opting' it when possible, bribing and corrupting at every opportunity and patiently destroying over time if they can't buy cooperation. It's not the work of the Devil, it's the work of the Deceiver, the Adversary. Islam does the Devil's work, Communism does the Deceiver's bidding.

  2. Jerry
    Subterfuge sabotage and dirty tricks have long been an acceptable tactic of warfare. That the war we are currently in is still a cold one is irrelevant. Don't think we are in-so far-a cultural war? Change your name to Jerry the ostrich.

  3. the only concern I can think of at the moment is that, if this strategy works well enough to make a difference, it would make the book a bestseller and generate more funds for the antis than they lost, via such things as paid speaking engagements.

  4. Yeah I tried the $0.01 thing too. Kept flagging it with "you must specify a dollar amount".
    I contemplated giving just $1 but closed the email. Maybe I'll revisit the idea and fuck with them to lose money.

    Remember these donations are being matched when computing their costs.

  5. …except that they are probably being reimbursed for every single book with our tax money… I'm sure that someone, somewhere, found a way to cover the costs with government funding in the name of safety, education, law enforcement, or some other chicanery

  6. great idea! and you can also resell the book as new on amazon for a couple of dollars less than it sells for there. This will help make sure that it will reduce the sales money going from amazon to these fascist anti-gun idiots. Then you can donate the funds you receive from the sales to a pro-Second Amendment organization.

    1. And then use the funds to buy a box of cheap ammo.

      Or, for even more ridicule (if you have the time or inclination), crowd-fund the video-recorded destruction of your copy.

      Personally, I'd read it, and put a brightly-colored Post-It note for every anti-gun falsehood, half-truth, mistaken conclusion, bad statistic, or outright lie, and then post up a video review showing the number of Post-It notes hanging out from the pages.

      Of course, there's nothing saying you can't do all of the above. 😉

    1. I wonder if they will keep their word to send out copies of the book for any donation to those of us who made a "donation" before they changed their policy. I'm not holding my breath but I do have the thank you email.

    2. For me, at least, that's a yes. Sent in my buck on 9/14 and got my copy today. Can't wait to take it to the range and "read" every page of it; 10 rounds at a time. I'd send it back to them afterward but I really don't need the TJIC treatment. I'm also gonna be careful to remove the cover first as it has the hypocri…err…"authors" pictures on it and I don't need anyone drawing any sort of morbid conclusions.

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