Her Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Shannon Watts is an out and out hypocrite. She posted the tweet below yesterday. It links to a story arguing against concealed carry by legal concealed carry holders on college and university campuses. It is obviously her position and that of her organization.

I don’t believe in visiting the sins of the parents upon the child. I won’t name Mrs. Watts older daughter nor will I say which university she attends. However, I will say that the university at which Mrs. Watts’ daughter attends has legal concealed carry on campus and has had it for a number of years. This is information that I gleaned from social media postings by the daughter. I believe it to be both accurate and relevant.

Thus, while Mrs. Watts’ daughter attends a university where young women that are age 21 or older and have a concealed carry license are able to protect themselves from thugs, criminals, and rapists, she does not want your daughters (or for that matter, your sons) to have that same privilege.

That is the height of hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Students for Concealed Carry on Campus have called Shannon Watts out on this as well. Since one of the state’s she bemoans a push for carry on campus is Colorado, they ask whether she is dishonest or oblivious given the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that public universities cannot ban carry on campus.

10 thoughts on “Her Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds”

  1. That's an interesting fact if Watts' daughter indeed attends school in a state where college carry is permitted. She couldn't possibly be paying her daughter's tuition; she must have gone rogue.

    Miguel's treatment on this subject on his blog yesterday outstanding as well.

    1. James -if you will email me at jpr9954 AT gmail DOT com, I will give you more details on the understanding that it isn't for publication.

  2. I continue to be more and more ashamed that that malignancy (Watts) lives in the next town over from me.

  3. Apparently the head demanding mom has absolutely NO problem with under age, irresponsible (and the consequences thereof) drinking at will. BUT them 'evil firearms' are a no-no……………….well except for her body guards and those other special folks of which she approves.

  4. She should control her drunk daughter. Drunk driving deaths are enormous in the US. She should take her daughters drivers licenses to prevent her from possibly driving drunk. Her mom says she can't be trusted.

  5. Mom Watts claims the vast majority of college rapes are alcohol related, meaning a few rapes still are not, and may indeed be preventable with a firearm. What ever happened to their mantra of, "if it saves only one child's life"? These 'kids' are all under 23, young enough to be counted as children on any one of their factually incorrect gun death studies!

  6. Let me be snarky: If they are old enough to be raped…they are old enough to be armed.

    (I know that the very young can be raped. I'm pointing out that if they are old enough to be in college and to be a target for rape, they are old enough to carry firearms).

    It's a woman's right to choose…whatever caliber she can shoot well.

  7. I actually know both her daughters from personal experience. Let's just say that neither of them are very trustworthy, or good a driving, or a top notch student, or responsible. Defiantly not the kind of daughters you'd hope to expect from such a "prestigious and credible" woman like Shannon Watts (Shannon Renee? uhh…Shannon Troughton…? Ugh how many aliases does she need?). And her daughters are quite the men haters as well. So next time people to follow Mrs. Watts, read into who she is and if she actually tells the truth and if she is actually credible or not.

  8. Yeah that’s heights of hypocrisy and I can’t simply believe to which extent one can go. When I worked for DUI lawyer, I saw so many similar people but no one came even close to her. One should always remember three fingers points back to you when to put one for another.

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