Happy Independence Eve

It’s July 3rd, Independence Day Eve. It’s time to resurrect the Newcastle Brown Ale ad campaign from last year called #IfWeWon.

Just think, if the Brits had won our tabloids would be full of gossip about the Royal Family and wondering if Kate was pregnant. Oh, wait – they are full of that nonsense.

Well, at least we don’t have the National Health Service. We just have that “tax” called ObamaCare.

We’d have better beer if the Brits won. Maybe not given the number of microbreweries we have around here in Asheville making really good beer and ales.

I know the gun prohibitionists would be cheering now if the Brits won given their gun control laws. As for me, men with guns are citizens and not subjects.

One thought on “Happy Independence Eve”

  1. Beer was a big incentive to early Americans. Here in the Pacific NorthWest we have hundreds of handcrafted breweries as well.There are three brewpubs within staggering distance of my house for example. WA state here is the breadbasket for quality hops sold around the world. If it wasnt for us , the beers of the world would be poorer today. We have world class brewmasters that rival any other country today, at the least give them a middle finger of we can compete, and have, and won.

    Im pretty sure that the Give me Liberty or Give Me Death was said with a beer in hand.

    As it should be.

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