I Wouldn’t Be Bragging About This

I got an email a day or so ago from the people that run Guns & Ammo magazine and their website. They seem to be thrilled that their website gets a cameo in the movie Terminator Genisys.

At about the 0:25 mark, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator says he read about a weapon at gunsandammo.com.

While he was governor of California, Mr. Schwarzenegger signed the unworkable micro-stamping bill into law as well as supported other gun control. Even Guns & Ammo themselves back in 2012 called Arnold one of Hollywood’s surprising anti-gun celebrities.

It is like the people at G&A have no memory about Schwarzenegger’s positions or even what they themselves said about him.

I don’t know if Elmer Keith or Jeff Cooper are rolling in their graves but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

3 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Be Bragging About This”

  1. The last time I thumbed through an issue of G&A, it appeared to be an erectile dysfunction magazine interrupted occasionally with an ad for something firearm-related. As to G&A's memory, the old guys I know say that's the second thing to go.

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