How Did My Ancestors’ Homeland Fall So Low

Facts. appears to be an Irish YouTube channel. This video by them features three Irish hipsters who are going shooting for the first time. They are shooting trap and sporting clays. It’s called, “Irish People Use Guns For First Time”.

They seem to have enjoyed themselves. That said, their conclusions are negative. One guy said he’s changed his view on guns. Now he just thinks that they are crazy. The only woman piously says that they are designed to cause damage.

If these kids were around in 1916, there would have been no Easter Rising. There would have been no Michael Collins and the Irish Volunteers. It still would have been the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and not the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This is the end result of being constantly told guns are bad by the education system and the media combined with onerous restrictions on firearms from the government.

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  1. Yeah, and the worst thing is, many US states are not very far behind Ireland/UK/France/Germany/Australia in taking away arms from the people, and teaching them that "guns are bad, mmmmmkay?"

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