Friday Follies

FireClean is supposed to be a revolutionary gun lube that actually helps keep your gun clean, so saith the likes of Larry A. Vickers. However, if you’ve paid any attention to firearm forums and/or gun blogs over the last week or so, you’ve found out that this miracle product which Amazon has for $29.95 for a two pack of 2 oz. bottles isn’t quite so exotic as it would seem. Actually, it is just vegetable oil, specifically canola oil. 
I’m not here to hash out this controversy but if I had some corned beef hash, I’d want eggs with it. Eggs cooked in oil. 
Well maybe not FireClean gun oil but that is exactly what Karl and Ian have done. They fried up some eggs in FireClean and ate them. We all should thank them for taking one for the team in the name of science.

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