Friday Follies

I grew up in Guilford County, North Carolina and lived there until I moved to the mountains. Thus, when I saw this story about a certain road sign being stolen all the time and steps being taken to prevent it, I knew I had a blog post.

Looking at the map of Guilford County below, you will see the major cities of Greensboro and High Point. You will also see smaller communities like Browns Summit, Pleasant Garden, and Whitsett among others. There are other place names that when connected together make an amusing combination. Take a look at the red line that goes from the county’s south-western border through High Point and thence along the southern part of the county towards the eastern border.

Click on map to embiggen.

Guilford County: From Horneytown to Climax by way of High Point.

7 thoughts on “Friday Follies”

  1. Funny stuff indeed. In Michigan, you can reach Climax, then go straight to Hell, and then drive north to reach Paradise.

  2. Seems like there's an opportunity there for an enterprising person to go into the sign selling business. You could offer different versions from cardboard to metal at different prices.

  3. I live less than five miles from there and pass that sign every couple of days. I also pass the Horneytown Gun Store and Horneytown Fire Department… both of which sell t-shirts.

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