Presented Without Comment

I get a number of press releases from firearms manufacturers, tactical companies, and outdoor companies. With the NRA Annual Meeting fast approaching, this number is increasing. Below you will see a press release I got yesterday. I am presenting it without comment as any comment I’d make would be considered either snarky or snobbish.

2016 NRA Convention Invitation
Drop by booth 2662
MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH May 2016-
MKS Supply the exclusive marketer of Hi-Point Firearms and Inland
Manufacturing (.30 caliber M1 Carbine and new 1911s) invites all
attendees at the 2016 NRA Convention to drop by and see these and some
new (not yet released firearms).
So, if you are attending the NRA convention we hope you will stop by the Hi-Point/MKS Supply booth 2662
and talk guns with Charlie, Ron and the gang. You will learn about some
neat new things to come and see some really popular (and new model)
   MKS Supply, LLC
8611-A North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH

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