Ad Denied By Facebook Because Of…Well Not Really Guns

Facebook has a policy of denying to carry ads that promote the sale of firearms. They are in the private sector and that is their option. However, sometimes their algorithms used are lacking.

A case in point is my friend Professor David Yamane who publishes the Gun Culture 2.0 blog. He had an ad denied by Facebook’s faceless minions because they thought it promoted the sale of firearms and other weapons. He was advertising a link to his report on the USCCA’s recent Concealed Carry Fashion Show held in conjunction with their expo in Atlanta. They had previously accepted an advertisement for his blog that was titled, “Bushmaster is the Worst Marketer in the History of Guns.” David said, with his tongue firmly in his cheek, that Bushmaster was bad at advertising since so few of its firearms (or any AR-15) were used in homicides.

This is ridiculous. Just like his series of posts on the gun industry which highlighted the fact that the gun industry isn’t just the Rugers and Smith & Wessons, this post doesn’t promote the sale of any product.

Mark Zuckerberg plans a series of meetings with conservatives. Perhaps he needs to go to the next USCCA Expo in Ft. Worth or this weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting to see that the gun industry isn’t just guns.

5 thoughts on “Ad Denied By Facebook Because Of…Well Not Really Guns”

  1. Sorry for the off topic, but any comment on the $500 tuition bill going through the NC govt concerning WCU and the HBC? My facebook feed is blowing up with people gnashing their teeth and rending garments over it.

    1. The pretext is BS! The three HBC mentioned are the lesser historically black colleges. Notice that A&T and Central were not included.

      Apodaca used to be on the Board of Trustees of WCU. It already was one of the cheapest schools in the UNC System. I don't think he would have done anything to hurt his alma mater.

      The key word in the bill is "tuition". It doesn't say anything about fees and that is where schools can nickel and dime you to bankruptcy.

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