Are Colt Double Action Revolvers Coming Back?

I think the perennial question for revolver lovers is when or if will Colt ever resume making their double action revolvers. According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, Colt ceased regular production of double action revolvers in October 1999. The Colt Custom Shop did however have a run of Colt Python Elite and Anaconda revolvers from 2002 to 2006. The problem for Colt is that their old craftsmen who assembled and hand-fit parts on the old double action revolvers are long retired.

With the SHOT Show beginning in little more than two weeks, I’ve been cruising Instagram to get clues about new production introductions. I’m not an industry insider invited to special showings so I have to glean info where I can. While that can be a disadvantage, it also means that I’m not under any sort of non-disclosure agreement prohibiting me from writing about what I find.

Last night I happened across this picture of an ad that Colt reportedly will be running for the Colt Cobra revolver in .38 +P. The revolver will also have a fiber optic front sight and a steel frame.

A photo posted by Freedom GunCo (@freedomgunco) on Dec 28, 2016 at 5:03pm PST

The original Cobra introduced in 1950 was an alloy framed revolver similar to the steel framed Detective Special. Only the King Cobra and Combat Cobra revolvers produced from the mid-1980s until the Nineties were steel framed. Looking at the ad for the new model Cobra, it appears that Colt has also changed the cylinder release button from the more traditional version. Otherwise it is very similar to the second issue Cobra.

Colt’s Manufacturing is listed as an exhibitor to Industry Day at the Range so I anticipate that if they are actually releasing the Colt Cobra I will have a chance to try it out. If so, I will report on it then. It will be interesting to see whether they have changed the internals to eliminate the traditional Colt trigger stacking.

3 thoughts on “Are Colt Double Action Revolvers Coming Back?”

  1. Hope they bring back the Python and the Det. Special. Also they should make the Python in .44 mag. I will stand in line to get one. If I have to sell some other guns in order to have the money to pay for it then so be it.

  2. It's an interesting development. I know Colt decided they ignored the concealed carry market too long (Gun Culture 2.0 as so many say), but a snubbie in 38 Special doesn't seem to be big in that market. At least, not that I can see. It's true the Cobra has a name that gunnies will recognize, I just don't know how much that will sell.

    It must suck to be a big name gun company, watching guns flying off the shelves at record pace month after month after month, and not have anything selling into that market.

  3. LONG overdue! Ruger and S&W look to have done just fine with double action revolvers in the years since Colt ceased production of same. Heck, even Kimber introduced one, and we now have a new importer for Korth ( if you really need one, though I've never seen one in the flesh ) Seems as though the old assembly methods will have to fall by the wayside to keep cost reasonable ( Korths are presented as being built built one at a time, in a one gun, one gunsmith type of production )so everyone who invested in past Colt revolvers need not have concern over value dropping- a Python will still be more than I care to spend for a gun that should not be shot for lack of folks who can perform repairs using replacement parts that must be gleaned from wrecked guns ( few and far between ). I would at least be looking closely, with an eye to buy.

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