Women Arm Yourselves Safely (WAYS) Program

If you are a woman who wants to learn to shoot a handgun and live in western North Carolina then the Asheville Practical Shooting Association has a program for you. The program is called “WAYS” or “Women Arm Yourselves Safely.” Formerly called “Women on Target”, the program seeks to introduce women with little or no experience shooting handguns to them in a safe and effective manner.

I met Mike Privette of the APSA this weekend when he assisted with the shooting portion of my NRA Basic Instructor Training class. He and his wife Beth are the coordinators of these classes being held in Brevard. They will be offering four opportunities to take the WAYS class this year. I have posted his flyer below.

For $35 this is a great bargain and a great way to learn more about shooting a handgun.

Women Arm Yourselves Safely (WAYS)
(formerly “Women on Target”)

Are you a woman who has ever been curious about shooting a handgun?

Do you have a handgun at home but don’t really know how to handle it safely and effectively?

If you’re a woman who has never shot a handgun or have very limited experience and want to learn more, then this course is for you!

Asheville Practical Shooting Association (APSA) offers an orientation and training class for women that is structured for those who have very little to no experience with handguns. The course consists of a one-day combination of classroom instruction and handgun firing at the Bear Arms indoor shooting range in Brevard, NC. Course focus is on firearm safety and proper shooting techniques. The staff is made up of highly qualified instructors who provide top notch training in a safe, nurturing environment. The association provides firearms, ammunition, targets, all safety gear, and lunch for only $35.

If you have been thinking about getting a concealed carry permit, want to learn how to safely handle and shoot that gun that you’ve had for a while but don’t know anything about, have just a little experience but want to learn more, or have no experience at all but are just curious about handguns, then contact us for more information or to reserve a spot in one of our four 2017 classes.

Where: Bear Arms, 1653 Rosman Highway, Brevard, NC 28712

When: April 1       June 3        August 5       October 7

How: Contact Mike or Beth Privette, APSA “WAYS” coordinators, 828-966-9611, to sign up or get your questions answered.

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    1. It is my understanding from the organizers that the name changed. I could be wrong about this but I was just quoting directly from their flyer.

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