272 Days

It took the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives a total of 272 days to approve the Form 4 for our new suppressor. I say our because it is in the name of the trust that the Complementary Spouse and I set up for this purpose.

It took a total of 279 day or nine months, six days to be notified that we had been approved.

Regardless of whether it was 279 days or 272 days, it took over three-fourths of a year to be approved to take possession of a product that we had already for paid in full.

Think about that for a minute. Can you think of any other consumer product for the health and safety of both the purchaser and the general public for which you have to ask the government for permission to take possession of it on top of paying $200 for the privilege? I really can’t.

For enquiring minds, it is a SilencerCo Omega in .30 caliber with a .22 muzzle break  brake on order. The suppressor was purchased from Tar Heel State Firearms outside of Charlotte. They were very helpful throughout the whole process.

6 thoughts on “272 Days”

    1. The stamp has the serial number across the top, and the approval date across the bottom. It's how the cancel the stamp/tie it to that particular transfer.

      SilencerCo's serial numbers all follow the same basic format: A model-specific prefix (e.g. "OMG" for Omega), a hyphen, and then that silencer's place in the manufacturing timeline. in other words, the serial tells you the model, and how many had been made to that point.


  1. If you're not going to block out the model field, there is no reason to block out the portion of the SN before the hyphen on any SilencerCo mufler (in this case "OMG"). Also, you neglected to blank out the SN written on the stamp.

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