Monday Morning Humor Or Look What I Found Cleaning The Garage

Now that the Complementary Spouse and I have finished cleaning out my late mother’s house for the soon-to-be new owner, we have been working on a place for all the stuff I thought about keeping. Thus, we spent a good part of this past weekend cleaning our garage and reorganizing stuff.

In the process I found this old cardboard IDPA/USPSA target. I’m not sure if it was mine or just one I picked up at the range. (Yes, I know that whomever this belonged to needs to work on their grip as the shots were grouping low and left.)

The Complementary Spouse suggested hanging it outside of our front porch as a bad guy scarecrow as that big center mass hole might give any thug, home invader, or other miscreant second thoughts.

That’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure what Massad Ayoob or Andrew Branca would have to say about that. As it is, the target will be going to our local recycling center and not to our front porch.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Humor Or Look What I Found Cleaning The Garage”

    1. There is that. The main reason that I wouldn't post it is that it goes against my grey man philosophy.

  1. She doesn't put it on the porch, but my wife does keep a couple of her targets near her pottery work area to remind me that she is a better shot than I.

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