Rally Against The RINOs In Raleigh

The North Carolina General Assembly is returning for a special session on August 3rd. Grass Roots North Carolina is preparing a welcome for them called Rally Against RINOs in Raleigh. It is to remind the Republicans that they only achieved their supermajority in both houses due to the efforts of gun owners. The impetus for this rally is the inability of the Republicans in the House to pass HB 746 with a veto proof majority and the refusal of the State Senate to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

If you are in the Raleigh area or if you can be in the Raleigh area for the rally on Thursday, the details are below:



Remember in the last election how the Republican candidates couldn’t get enough love from pro-second
amendment North Carolinians? Remember how they promised to be the stalwart guardians of your gun rights?

As expected, they have forgotten who
“brung ’em to the dance.” We know this because House Bill 746 is stuck
in the Senate — the result of petty quibbling and inactivity.
Politicians are always at risk of becoming complacent (especially when
their party holds a supermajority in both the house and the senate), and
sometimes need to be reminded of who they work for.

Worse yet: we
know that Michael Bloomberg’s out-of-state money has been hard at work
North Carolina, with a few well-paid operatives whispering fear and
doubt into the ears of our elected leaders. This isn’t a new game for
them, since
they prognosticate doom about every pro-Second Amendment measure that
comes up … and when these pro-gun bills are passed into law, their
fears of
doom are proven to be completely unfounded. Still, we want to make sure
that responsible, law-abiding gun owners are being seen and heard by
elected leaders. Let’s remind them that rich New Yorkers and a few paid
minions don’t speak for us in our state legislature.

The General Assembly
returns for a special session on Thursday August 3, and we’ve planned a gun rights rally for the mall area between the Legislature
and the Legislative Office Building. Most importantly: we need YOU there to join the chorus of North Carolina’s
law-abiding, responsible gun owners. Together, we can encourage our leaders to move House Bill 746 in this special session.

demonstration will take place on Thursday August 3 at 11:00 AM.
This will be a safe, fun, family-oriented event where we will introduce a new
figure to North Carolina’s political scene: Squish the Magic RINO!


  • RSVP
    on the GRNC website
    let us
    know that you can attend the rally (https://www.grnc.org/august-3-demonstration).
  • Attend the rally! It will be located on the grass mall just north of the
    Legislative building at 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh. The rally will begin at 11:00 AM, but it’s wise to get there early to alleviate
    parking concerns.
  • Please make sure that you dress for the press. We
    encourage professional attire. Please, no inflammatory slogans on clothing or signs. We want to show everyone that North Carolina’s gun
    owners are the most civil, respectful, law-abiding citizens!

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