Happy Fountain Pen Day!

The first Friday in November has been Fountain Pen Day since 2012. It was started as a day to “embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens.”

I have been using fountain pens off and on since elementary school where we had to use Sheaffer cartridge pens for penmanship. They came in a pack with five “washable blue” ink cartridges.

Now I have a wide assortment of fountain pens in my desk, around the house, and elsewhere. Some are cheap Chinese knock-offs, some are older American-made Esterbrooks, some are various German-made Lamy Safari pens, and the list goes on. I even have a couple of old Parker Duofolds in the traditional orangish red with black end caps from the 1920s. I hope to have those restored sometime.

I plan to celebrate Fountain Pen Day by deciding on which two or three fountain pens to take to this weekend’s MAG-20 class to be held in Charlotte. From what everyone who has taken either the MAG-40 or the MAG-20 classroom portion has told me, you will be writing as fast as you can.

If you are thinking of trying out a fountain pen, now is a good day to do it as many vendors are offering specials in honor of Fountain Pen Day. You can find a list of them here. I can personally vouch for Jet Pens and Goulet Pen Company as I’ve dealt with them in the past.

2 thoughts on “Happy Fountain Pen Day!”

  1. Oh, dear…

    I remember those Sheaffer cartridge pens from elementary school. I thought I was the cool kid using those. Then the 19cent Bic pens came out. Ruined more than one shirt with those.

    Now that I've made a few pens on the lathe, I need to look into a fountain pen kit. See what's available.

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