Reminder From GRNC – ATF Comment Period Closes Next Week

Grass Roots North Carolina sent out an alert reminding people that the comment period for the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking closes on January 25th. They also have a suggested comment. I have sent my comment in and will post it as a separately.

Just a reminder, all comments must reference Docket Number  2017R-22.


It seems our friends at the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE, often referred to
as the ATF) would like to impose “maximum firing rates” on American gun
owners. Apparently, there is even talk that they may classify your
semi-automatic rifle as a “machine gun.”

Reason and legalities tell us that a machine gun fires continuously and
automatically with a single function of the trigger.  But the BATFE is
no longer sure that definition suits them. This is because, since the
definition was established, super high-tech items have been developed, such
as rubber bands, belt loops, shoestrings and Jerry
.  The truth is, even with these “high-tech” devices, nothing
has really changed. So-called “bump firing” still requires one trigger action for each
round fired. Yet, the BATFE is looking to “clarify” the NFA
and whether certain devices, commonly known as bump fire stocks, fall within
the definition of machine gun. Absurd.

With the flick of a bureaucrat’s wrist, your lowly non-NFA firearm (read:
semi-automatic) may suddenly be elevated to the status of machine gun. It
will be classified not by trigger action, but by arbitrary firing rate, which
is something that can be altered by any number of things, including something
as nebulous as the skill of its owner. The list of items that can affect rate
of fire also includes innocuous, legal and unrelated things such as: optical
sights, trigger jobs, muzzle compensators, and who knows what else?
Picture Andrew
Cuomo screaming:
“No one needs a gun
that can shoot more than once every 5 minutes to kill a deer!”

Surely, we can trust the government to not take advantage of a new-found
power over the peoples’ guns, right?
Against This Infringement

The BATFE’s comment period regarding this proposed rule is still
, and it is critical that you submit a comment against this proposed
infringement on your gun rights.
If this is not stopped, who
knows when all guns will be classified as “machine guns?” To comment, find a link below, and a
copy/paste message you can use to comment.


    Click on the link provided, and use the copy/paste message provided
    below under ‘Deliver This Message.’ CLICK HERE (or go to:

    Comments MUST be submitted by
    Thursday, January 25th.


I’m writing to day to speak
against the formation of a so-called “Bump Fire” rule.

Clearly, the proposed rule is designed to open a debate about semi-automatic
firing rates, something that is not open to debate in a free country. This is
dangerous territory where ambiguous language, established by unelected
government employees, is sure to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of
The People.

The proposed rule references “devices used with a semiautomatic firearm to
increase the firearm’s cyclic firing rate.” Clearly, that sort of open-ended
language could be used to ban any device that increases the firearm’s cyclic
firing rate regardless of trigger action, e.g. trigger jobs, muzzle
compensators, optical sights, shoestrings, rubber bands, and who knows what

Given that bump stocks do not alter trigger function, firearms remain
semi-automatic, the BATFE has no legitimate authority to impose this
infringement on the American people. Indeed, there is no statutory definition
of “machinegun” in the National Firearms Act of 1934 nor the Gun Control Act
of 1968 that would allow the BATFE to make this stretch.

Any “Bump Fire” rule would be unconstitutional, and any “rule” imposed by
federal bureaucrats is really just a law established without the approval of
the peoples’ representatives. Surely, those at the BATFE have no interest in
circumventing the Constitution of the United States, nor would they want to
disrespect the country’s law-abiding people in such a manner.

For these reasons, I must insist that the BATFE immediately discard any
thoughts of imposing a “Bump Fire” rule.

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  1. Just in case Election Monitors are watching; This is an unsolicited, personal endorsement from me, Jeff Knox. It was not coordinated with any campaign, party, or committee, and is not an official position of The Firearms Coalition. Any cost associated with this statement in this email was paid by me personally.

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