GRNC On Weekend Rallies

Grass Roots North Carolina sent out a press release this afternoon regarding the weekend gun rights rallies. They make the point that they are not affiliated with the event nor are sponsoring it. Their goal is not to discourage attendance but to make sure people are aware of the relevant state law in North Carolina about carrying on the grounds of the State Capitol.

GRNC not affiliated
with Saturday’s rally.  Warns supporters against

bringing guns to the State Capital Grounds
To gun rights

You may have heard about the nationwide
rally planned for this weekend. GRNC is not affiliated with this event,
but we have learned that some organizers in various states have
attendees to bring firearms to their particular rally location.
While it’s true that they are only encouraging this in states where it is legal to do so, there should be some
concern that people unaware of their state and local laws could inadvertently ensnare themselves in serious legal trouble.

GRNC is not affiliated with this event, we want to serve our supporters who may plan to attend with a helpful warning: it is absolutely illegal to
carry a gun on the State Capital grounds in North Carolina, unloaded or otherwise

Carrying a gun at a protest in that
part of the city will most likely land you in
serious legal trouble, and may very well compromise your personal
safety. It would also be counterproductive to the gun rights movement.
GRNC does not
condone breaking any gun laws. 
Should you choose to attend this (non-GRNC) rally:

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