Early Voting Starts April 19th For NC Primary

Tomorrow is the first day of early voting for the May Primary in North Carolina. The number of locations in a county will vary by both date and county. For example, in Buncombe County (Asheville area), there will be only one site available for early voting until Saturday, April 28th, when it expands to six locations. You can go to the NC State Board of Elections to find the locations for one-stop early voting in your county.

In anticipation of the opening of the early voting period, Grass Roots North Carolina has released their Remember in November candidate evaluations. They have both a sort by district and a sort by name file. Personally, I find the sort by district to be more helpful. The candidate evaluations are only for the state legislature and for Congress.

As GRNC notes, these are evaluations and not endorsements.

GRNC’s “Remember in November” project estimates candidates’ views on “assault weapons,” concealed handguns, gun storage laws, gun rationing, other gun control and the Second Amendment. THE EVALUATIONS HEREIN ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS. We issued surveys first to a control group of gun owners and then to candidates. Next, we measured how closely each candidate’s views and voting record (if available) agree with the control group. Pay more attention to voting records than survey results unless, of course, you believe politicians never lie.

Also as a reminder, just because a candidate has “R” after his or her name, it doesn’t mean he or she supports gun rights. I have seen a snippet of a debate between Michelle C. Lexo and Tom McInnis regarding firearm issues. They are running for the Republican nomination in the NC Senate 25th District (Anson, Moore, Richmond, and Scotland Counties). Ms. Lexo says we need to look at “high capacity magazines” because she isn’t sure “they are needed”. “Other than that”, she says she supports the Second Amendment. Her opponent, Sen. Tom McInnis, replied “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”.  I’ll let you decide who you’d rather have defending your firearm rights.