Rachel’s Moments

My friend and fellow Polite Society Podcast co-host Rachel Malone posted this video yesterday. For those that don’t know Rachel, she started out life as an anti-gunner, had an epiphany, and then learned to shoot. What makes Rachel’s epiphany even more remarkable is that she didn’t stop there. She became a firearms instructor, a Texas CCW instructor, and founded Texas Firearms Freedom to fight for gun rights in Texas.

Oh, and did I add that Rachel is a professional musician and music teacher living in Austin? Not what you expected, was it?

One thought on “Rachel’s Moments”

  1. This is probably the most well done video I have ever seen for the positive side of concealed carry. No hitting you with a dangerous message, no pleas or appeals, just someone from everyday life, showing another side of themselves, which neither interferes with their life, or anyone else's. Well done.

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