Ford’s Prepared Testimony Before The Senate Judiciary Committee

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Earlier today I published the prepared testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh which contained his unequivocal denial of participating in any and all sexual assaults. Needless to say, I believe him.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney has now posted her prepared testimony which is scheduled to be delivered before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow. If this were the court of law instead of the court of public opinion, this case would never have even gotten to trial. As it is, this was meant to be the Democrat’s bombshell revelation that would take down a good man and destroy his chances of serving on the Supreme Court. I imagine it was also intended to force him to step down from his position as a judge on the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. I think it will fail as well it should.

One thought on “Ford’s Prepared Testimony Before The Senate Judiciary Committee”

  1. Wait a second.

    All the reporting thus far has said that she wrote her "anonymous" letting to House Rep Anna Eshoo, who then passed it on to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Now she's saying she wrote and sent it to Sen Feinstein?

    Also, it's coming out in the hearings: she wanted to stay anonymous and confidential … so she went to the Washington Post with her story (published on July 6), and THEN wrote her Congresscritters on/about July 30?

    Going to the press first is some way to anonymously and confidentially share a story with Congress, it is. [/sarcasm]

    There are so many holes and inconsistencies with this narrative, it's not even funny anymore.

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