NRA Wins Some, Loses Some In Lawsuit Hearing

The NRA v. Ackerman-McQueen case had a hearing today in Virginia. Both sides won a little something in the judge’s rulings.

First, in the win for the NRA, Wayne LaPierre won’t have to appear for a deposition in early September. The judge ruled that it should be delayed until the week of September 23rd.

According to CNN, Michael Collins, a partner with Brewer, Attorneys and Counselers, said, “We are pleased to see the deposition of Mr. LaPierre will be scheduled in a manner that accommodates him and his many obligations to the NRA and its members.”

The other side of the coin was that the judge agreed with the attorneys for Ackerman McQueen and limited the documents that could be seen by William Brewer III and his PR staff.

In Wednesday’s hearing, Ackerman’s attorney, David Dickieson, argued that the communications shop within Brewer’s firm poses a direct competitive threat to Ackerman’s public affairs business and that handing over proprietary information to Brewer’s public relations team would allow them to siphon away business from Ackerman.

Ack-Mac also noted in court that they had laid off, furloughed, or terminated approximately 50 employees dedicated to the NRA account. They have also closed their Alexandria, Virginia office.

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  1. Why is delay a win? I would think that no deposition of WLP was a win. A delay sounds like its just postponing the inevitable.

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