Law Abiding?

A friend pointed out a Twitter post by a Nathan Rubin. His Twitter bio says he’s an “award winning” author and Democratic activist. His book, Boomers to Millennials: Moving America Forward, does have some awards but it doesn’t look like it sold too many copies. Amazon puts it in the top 1.9 million best sellers.

Here is what Rubin wrote on Twitter:

So unless I am a compliant sheep and turn in my ARs and AKs, I will be considered (by him) to be an irresponsible criminal. Hmm.

David Burkhead gave the best response to this nonsense on Facebook.

You can’t call yourself a law abiding American if you don’t return fugitive slaves to their owners. You can’t call yourself a law abiding Chinese if you don’t report any disagreement with Mao to the authorities. You can’t call yourself a law abiding German if you don’t report the presence of any hiding Jews.

See how that works?

The only one I’d add is that you couldn’t call yourself a law abiding Soviet citizen if you didn’t report someone criticizing the Communist Party to the KGB. In Stalin’s time, that was enough to either get you an ounce of lead along with an unmarked grave or a trip to the Gulag Archipelago.

I think that is the dream in the back of the minds of the authoritarian gun prohibitionists.

8 thoughts on “Law Abiding?”

  1. I always consider folk such as Nathan to be akin to the guards shoveling the Jews into the gas chambers and then going home to have a beer with their family during dinner.

  2. You can’t be considered a law-abiding activist if you advocate a blatant violation of the Constitution. Arrest him.

  3. New rule – you can’t call yourself an American if you have forgotten that “all laws which repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” (Marbury v. Madison, 1803).

    Or that — paraphrasing MLK, Jr. — while one has a legal and moral responsibility to obey just laws, one also a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

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