A Trip Down Remington Memory Lane

Way back in the day before Remington was owned and run into the ground by Cerberus they made a pistol designed by John Pederson. It was called the Model 51 and was chambered in either .32 ACP or .380 ACP. Most importantly, it actually worked.

Not content with the 1911 pistols it was selling under its own label and that of Para-USA, Remington decided to reintroduce the R51 in 9mm in late 2013 and started to hit the market in early 2014. While the pre-production prototype models got generally good reviews, when it came to the production models it was hit and miss. Actually, it was mostly miss. So many were sent back to be fixed that they announced a voluntary recall. Not only did they promise to fix it but you would get it back with a Pelican case!

Thanks to a post on Facebook, I came across this YouTube which had me laughing so hard that the Complementary Spouse had to ask whether I was OK.

I miss the old Gun Nation Podcast where the R51 and its Pelican case were the source of a running joke between Doc Wesson and the rest.

H/T Richard J.

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