Life After Dick’s

There is life after Dick’s. At least there is for some former Field & Stream stores. The two in North Carolina that were purchased by Sportsman’s Warehouse have now opened for business.

We are in the Piedmont Triad this weekend visiting the granddaughters and took some time to check out the Greensboro store. It is still laid out – for now – like the old Field & Stream. Moreover, from my conversation with a store employee, much of the staff came over from Field & Stream. That said, they appeared to be happy with the move.

From an email, I understand the Asheville store has opened as well. The grand opening at both stores will be October 25th and 26th. I’m sure there will be some specials but the store staff hasn’t been told what they will be yet.

The other thing I noticed was this sign.

The store was still stocked with a good deal of Field & Stream branded products but as you can see they are clearing it out.

I didn’t take much time to check out prices as this was a run in, run out type of visit. I did notice that the gun racks had some large open spots. There was a sign saying to expect more firearm inventory soon. I’m guessing that will include those evil AR-15s now that Ed Stack is gone.

I am happy with the change and hope Sportsman’s Warehouse does well in North Carolina.

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  1. I wish they’d buy the one near me. I’d like to have a close supply store I’d willingly shop at when I want same-day stuff. All I have now is the local cop shop, which has fine people but a rather small, tactical-oriented inventory.

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