The Day Of The .22 Pistols

Glock started the day with the rollout of their G44 .22 LR pistol. Later this afternoon, Ruger announced a new model of their Mark IV 22/45 Lite.

Unlike Glock’s G44, the new model is more of a change in appearance than anything else. The color change is a diamond gray upper with a gold anodized trigger and barrel. Also unlike the G44, it comes with a threaded barrel to use with a suppressor.

According to Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, the MSRP for the G44 is $430. Meanwhile, according to Ruger, the MSRP for the Mark IV 22/45 will be $559 with a street price in the $450 range. I imagine the G44 will be selling for close to MSRP initially but I could be wrong on that.

The release of the G44 today has resulted in a number of memes. Perhaps the one most relevant to this post is below.

2 thoughts on “The Day Of The .22 Pistols”

  1. I shoot .22LR Steel Challenge every month here in my home town and it will interesting to see how this Glock works for competition. Years ago I had a Ruger Mark 1 made in the 1950’s that never failed and I wish I had kept it. Since then I have used High Standard, tried Sig (not worth a crap) and now shoot a heavy barrel Browning Buckmark with Red Dot and it does work.

    Most of the people who shoot the lighter weight Ruger’s have problems because if you limp wrist at all they will not cycle every time. Recoil needs a stable platform to resist and cycle, especially with .22’s. I hope this is a better pistol than some of the newer Ruger’s I have seen in the past few years with the light weight barrels. As for the Glock, I never did like shooting plastic guns, but that’s just me and perhaps they will be decent pistols.

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