Joe Tartaro RIP

I received word yesterday that Joe Tartaro has passed away. Joe was the longtime president of the Second Amendment Foundation. I was privileged to meet Joe and his daughter Peggy at many of the Gun Rights Policy Conferences that I attended.

Photo by Sean Rameswaram of WNYC

From his blurb on the SAF website:

Joseph Tartaro is president of the Second Amendment Foundation and executive editor of With Alan M. Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, he is co-editor of the monthly newsletter, The Gottlieb-Tartaro Report. In addition, he has written news and commentaries columns for firearms trade and consumer publications, as well as newspapers around the nation. He is the author of Revolt at Cincinnati and of The Great Assault Weapon Hoax, which was published in the University of Dayton Law Review, December 1994. He has been a campaign consultant for candidates and on firearms-related ballot issues, and has appeared frequently on radio and television. He is a veteran of the US Army during the Korean War; and was an editor of Pacific Stars & Stripes.

Dave Hardy at Of Arms and the Law had this to say about Joe:

Just got the word. He’d been with the gun rights movement for eons. He left the only written account I know of relating to the Cincinnati Revolt of 1977, which created the modern NRA, and of which he was one of the team of good guys. Yep, he was an established activist 43 years ago. Good man.

Dave is absolutely correct – Joe was a good man. A man of his like will be sorely missed.

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