For Shame Is Correct

Attorney Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute had a series of tweets regarding the Supreme Court’s abdicating its duty to say what the law means with regard to the Second Amendment.

Shapiro is correct. The Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself.

You can also read his full blog post here.

2 thoughts on “For Shame Is Correct”

  1. And the shame isn’t limited to 2A issues. Roberts is supposed to be supervising the FISA court and at this point has appointed every single member thereof. How is that working out?

  2. The lesson to the American public is go buy guns now. Lots and lots of guns. Ammo too. Doesn’t matter if your locality allows it or not. Stash them away. Don’t flaunt them. Keep them outside the jurisdiction and hidden; maybe with friends living elsewhere. Go for private sales. Stay off their databases and lists when possible. Government has gone wobbly on the Bill of Rights, and has lost its legitimacy. It’s your job to protect yourself and your family, no matter what some Talking Head says.

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