What Moe Davis Really Thinks Of You

Moe Davis – excuse me – Col. Morris Davis USAF (Ret) – is the Democrat nominee for the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina. The race between Davis and Madison Cawthorn (R) is to fill the seat vacated by former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) when he left to become President Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Davis’ claim to fame is that he resigned as chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay rather than use some evidence obtained by water boarding. Davis said this was torture. He was overruled by superiors, resigned as the prosecutor, and retired soon thereafter. He may have been right, he may have been wrong.

After bouncing around a number of legal positions, mostly governmental, post-retirement, he decided to run for Congress from North Carolina. This brings me to a tweet he made in 2019 that was pointed out to me this morning.

Now anyone who has read my blog for any bit of time knows I think Wayne LaPierre needs to go. The suits, the plane travel, and most of all the money spent on William Brewer III has hurt the NRA and its mission. He needs to take a lot of his cronies with him.

However, I do not think people who have donated to the NRA or bought memberships are idiots. Moreover, it is not a “terrorist organization” and to call it that is the height of demagoguery. That Moe Davis was the Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo whose job it was to prosecute actual terrorists only compounds it.

It might interest Davis to know that Justice Steven David of the Indiana Supreme Court was one of the speakers in 2019 at the NRA’s National Firearms Law Seminar. Prior to being appointed to the Indiana Supreme Court, David had been Chief Defense Counsel at Guantanamo Bay concurrent with Davis’ time there. Indeed, Davis, after resigning as prosecutor, served as a witness for the defense led by Justice David in a case.

Like I said, Davis is engaging in hypocritical demagoguery. I am sure the voters of the 11th District, especially those outside the city limits of Asheville, might disagree with his assessment that the NRA is a “terrorist organization”. If I were Madison Cawthorn and his team I’d be putting this out on ads everywhere.

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  1. There is a serious rot in the military and it’s not all Obama’s fault. It does seem that the worst of it is among their lawyers, rather than the combat arms for which I am grateful.

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