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I was a guest yesterday on Eye on the Target Radio with my friends Amanda Suffecool and Rob Campbell. We discussed both the case brought by New York against the NRA and the case brought by DC against the NRA Foundation.

You can listen to them in the embedded player below:

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The last time I appeared on their show discussing the NRA and its issues I was followed by NRA 2nd VP Willes Lee. Sadly, if he and his cohorts had only instituted positive changes instead of labeling me a “hater”, I don’t think the NRA would be looking at a potential dissolution or government-imposed monitor for the Foundation.

UPDATE: My part of the radio show begins in the second half. I should have noted that in the beginning.

3 thoughts on “Eye On The Target Radio”

  1. You know me, I’m a hard core 2A advocate and NRA Patron level Life member.

    The NRA-ILA helped me indirectly in McDonald and directly in my SKS suit against Chicago. I’m very pleased with that arm and was sad to see Cox ousted.

    I have been very critical these past few years of some of way the NRA has been operating. My focus has been on the BOD and LaPierre.

    My feeling is this is a direct consequence of the management’s malfeasance. Sure it is politically motivated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lawful

    I hope this serves to right the course of the NRA.

  2. John, were you on a delay? It seemed like every time Amanda asked you something you took a long time to answer, and you and she often talked over each other.

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