Brewer Represents NRA But Not LaPierre?

All the filings for the lawsuit brought by the Attorney General of New York seeking dissolution of the NRA are online. You can see when the individual defendants were served and in what manner.

Both Josh Powell and Wilson “Woody” Phillips had their attorneys file a “stipulation of service” which also granted them time to respond. This was done two weeks ago. Interestingly, they each have hired attorneys with big name firms. Powell’s attorney is Mark MacDougall who is a partner with Akin Gump in DC and was formerly a Federal prosecutor. Likewise, Phillips’ attorney Seth Farber, a partner with Winston Strawn in New York, was also a former Federal prosecutor.

John Frazer was personally served at home in Virginia two weeks ago. The description of the person accepting the service fits that of John Frazer himself.

Here is where it gets interesting. It seems Wayne LaPierre and/or his security guards not only refused service at both the office and his home in Great Falls, Virginia, but is not being represented by Bill Brewer.

Stephen Gutowski of the Free Beacon noticed that in this filing that was done this past Saturday. He posted about it on Twitter earlier this evening. If you double-click on the embedded tweet you can see the filing. Look at paragraph 2.

Regardless of who is or will be Wayne’s attorney, I really don’t think the judge presiding over the case will look too kindly on the petulant manner in which Wayne and his henchmen treated the process server. The other three individual defendants accepted service politely or had their attorneys reach out to accept it.

4 thoughts on “Brewer Represents NRA But Not LaPierre?”

  1. You’re probably right about the reaction of the judge. My take is that WLP is challenging the legitimacy of the system. It is hard to argue with that. A non-complicit judge would have tossed the AG’s case in about 5 minutes. WLP has much to answer for but we should not give an inch to the enemies of America just to get rid of him.

  2. I was under impression that one could serve in such a situation by handing it to the person who denied you entry (Secretary, say or Security Guard) and file a statement attesting to such. No?

    1. I think the process server did essentially that. She tossed it on the ground right in front of him, asserted he could see it, and put his description in the sworn affidavit. NY then sent the paperwork by mail as a follow-up.

  3. Isn’t THAT interesting… And I wonder how much more a month Brewer will charge? Last I heard it was in the vicinity of $97,000 month charged to the NRA.

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