Judge Says Time To Act Like Adults

US District Court Judge Joe Fish has ordered mandatory mediation in the case between the NRA and AckMac that is pending in US District Court for the Northern District of Texas. He has told all parties that they have 30 days to set a mediation date or the mediator will do it for them.

The named parties shall be present during the entire mediation process and each party which is not a natural person must be represented by an executive officer (other than in-house counsel) with authority to negotiate a settlement (the authority required shall be active, i.e., not merely the authority to observe the mediation proceedings but the authority to negotiate, demand or offer, and bind the party represented). Counsel and the parties shall proceed in a good faith effort to try to resolve this case

As I read that, it means the both Wayne LaPierre and Revan McQueen must be present for the entire proceedings.

To make sure they play nice, Judge Fish has said he will order sanctions if the parties involved don’t “comply in good faith.”

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