Wayne And DiFi Have A Symbiotic Relationship

I know this will either sound like heresy or cynicism but what would Wayne LaPierre and Dianne Feinstein do without one another?

Think about it.

Now that Feinstein has reintroduced her perennial assault weapons ban bill, Wayne will be able to send out hundreds of thousands emails and fund raising letters saying he needs the money to fight “Feinstein’s gun grabbing.”

Conversely, Feinstein will be able to use Wayne and the NRA as her personal whipping boys calling them “obstructionist insurrectionists” to both fund raise and to seek support for her bill.

Behind closed doors where no one can see either of them together, I would not be surprised to find out that they have a cordial relationship. Both are Beltway insiders who have been in DC for long, long time. Wayne became Executive VP in 1991 and Feinstein was first elected a year later in 1992.

Of course, that is just speculation but it is hard to see one existing without the other.

3 thoughts on “Wayne And DiFi Have A Symbiotic Relationship”

  1. We get it. You hate the NRA and Wayne. Are you perchance getting a few checks from Dudley Brown for stirring up shit?

    1. I’m an Endowment Life member. I don’t hate the NRA nor even Wayne. I think Wayne’s time is past and his staying harms the cause of the Second Amendment more than it helps it. If I didn’t care about the future of the NRA, I wouldn’t have spent my own money and taken the risk to attend the NRA Annual Meeting in Tucson this past October. Where you there or do you just others do the heavy lifting?

      As to Dudley, I haven’t gotten a penny from him nor would I take it.

      When Board members call me, I listen. I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. Wayne wants to end gun control as much as Jessie Jackson wants to end racism. In either case, the cash cow would die and they would become irrelevant. The grifty emails “Patriot! Will you stand with me while I fight!” generate much more money than “Hey, lets go to the range and practice our safe weapons handling” will ever do. I’m sure you’re correct about DiFi & Wayne gathering to laugh at the poors whenever they get the chance.

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