Kudos To Browning Customer Service

I have a Browning A-Bolt rifle that I bought many years ago second-hand at a gun show. It came equipped with the Browning BOSS muzzle brake system. The intent of the system is to be able to tune your rifle to different loads by controlling the barrel vibrations. It is supposed to improve accuracy.

I stumbled across the fact that Browning made an accessory, the BOSS-CR, that provides the same tuning ability minus the muzzle brake. Without much thought about there being different models, I bid and won an online auction for one. It’s coming in the mail.

There was only one little problem. The Browning BOSS-CR is specific to the rifle model and caliber. I started to notice that when looking at the labels of others for sale online. I naively thought if it worked for a .30-06, it surely would do OK for something of a smaller caliber. Who cares if it was the blued model and your barrel is stainless.

Just to be sure, I sent a note to Browning Customer Service asking about it. A day later I got a reply back that indeed I should use the model specific to my rifle model and caliber. But being the great company that they are, they didn’t leave it at that. The reply continued to say, “we would be happy to send you the correct one at no charge. All we will need is a good shipping address and whether the rifle is matte blued, gloss blued, or stainless.”

There are two morals to this story. First and foremost, Browning has great customer service. Second, before bidding on something online, do your research! It will save you from having extra gun parts lying around for a firearm you don’t own.

4 thoughts on “Kudos To Browning Customer Service”

  1. I bought two UPS systems from a local auction online (without a lot of information) and they turned out to be 240V only. To use I’d have to include 2 steppers to convert the 120V in to 240V and the 240V out to 120V.

    As to your other lesson, I have thousands of rounds of ammo for firearms I no longer own as well as some parts thanks to a house fire.

  2. The answer to “extra parts for a firearm you don’t own” is to simply buy the gun that the parts fit. 😁

    1. That is why I have a PTR-91 on my gonna buy sometime list. The reason is that I have at least 90+ mags for it. It was not big deal buying that many mags when they were 99 cents each.

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