NRA Bankruptcy Hearing

The US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern Texas District is holding a live hearing on the NRA’s bankruptcy petition today. You can watch it live using this link:

I believe this is the third day of the hearing and the witness is NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre.

Wayne does not make a good witness. The judge has had to admonish him a dozen times or more to limit his answer to the question asked. His own attorney has instructed him to just answer “yes or no” when asked that kind of question. On virtually every other answer, the attorney asking him the question has to ask the judge to strike part or all of the answer as being non-responsive and Judge Hale is sustaining that objection.

I believe every NRA Board member needs to be watching Wayne’s testimony. There are a few that I’ve noticed listed in the WebEx as being online. Given what I’ve seen so far, board members need to be asking themselves this question: Is it or is it not time for Wayne to retire?

I know what my answer is.

One thought on “NRA Bankruptcy Hearing”

  1. WLP should have retired 3-4 years ago, right after Trump was elected. He should have gone out on top.

    He and Feinstein should share a coffin, united in eternity. It would be fitting punishment for the both of them.

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