Chipman Is Delusional!

David Chipman, Biden’s nominee to be Director of BAFTE, is not only anti-gun but a delusional liar.

He participated in a Reddit AMA or Ask Me Anything. During that AMA, he asserted that the Branch Davidians shot down two Texas ANG helicopters in Waco with two .50 caliber Barrett rifles.

According to a list of firearms recovered from the compound after the fire that destroyed it, there were zero .50 caliber firearms regardless of maker. This list came from the US Department of the Treasury based upon a dual FBI and Texas Depart of Public Safety search of the Branch Davidian compound.

As the case agent assigned to the trial of the surviving Branch Davidians, Chipman must have known this. If he didn’t, he was derelict in his job performance. Thus, we can either assume Chipman is an incompetent or a liar. You make the call.

H/T David Harsanyi – National Review

6 thoughts on “Chipman Is Delusional!”

  1. the reddit comments are priceless.

    “At Waco, the ATF burned a bunch of children to death. I can’t think of a single death at the hands of a .50 cal. Sounds to me like we need to prevent you from having lighters more so than civilians owning .50bmgs

    “Wait, so are you telling me that a former ATF agent is deliberately mischaracterizing the story of Waco to serve his own purposes?! I’m shocked!”

    What is really sad about this- more than a few people will point to this attempt to resurrect the 90s as a reason to keep LaPierre around, for old times sake.

    1. Also, make sure you archive and screenshot this. I have 0.00% doubt this reddit thread will get black holed and de-indexed by Kommiefornia Google execs.

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