SB Tactical On Proposed “Pistol Brace” Regulations

SB Tactical is one of the leading manufacturers of pistol braces for the AR, AK, CZ, and many others. Indeed, they were the originators of the pistol stabilizing brace for which they received BATFE approval in 2012. Co-founder Alex Bosco designed it as an aid for a fellow veteran who was disabled to allow him to shoot safely.

As you can imagine, they are not exactly thrilled with the new proposed regulations on pistol braces and the supposedly objective worksheet. They came up with the satirical video below which, to be honest, if you’ve read the BATFE’s proposed worksheet is right on the mark.

If you would like to read the proposed rulemaking, you can find it here along with a link to make a comment. I would encourage you to comment as any and all comments will help establish the baseline for future litigation which is sure to come. Even if you only use one of the pre-written comments from organizations such as GOA, do it! Here is another pre-written letter which goes into much more detail but you will need to do a copy and paste of it. It is a bit over the 5,000 character limit so you will need to put it in a Word or other type document and attach it.

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