My NRA Board Election Ballot

In normal times, I might have supported a few more on this ballot. However, these are not normal times when it comes to the National Rifle Association. It is being sued for dissolution by the Attorney General of New York, it has wasted millions of dollars on needless litigation, it is has a mostly complacent board who has no concept of their fiduciary duties, it has a CEO who looks at the organization as his personal piggybank, and the list goes on. Its most egregious sin in my opinion is that the grifters have lost sight of who they serve. The consequence of that is to put my civil rights and yours at risk which is unforgiveable.

As you can see from my ballot, I voted for only one person nominated by the Nominations Committee – Owen Buz Mills. I also wrote in the names of Frank Tait and Rocky Marshall. All three of these men have run companies, have served the Second Amendment, and have put the members first.

My ballot arrived in my American Rifleman today. It must be received by the auditing firm by August 15th.

If you want to see the NRA change and improve, then vote for change and improvement. If not, there is not much I can say.

And yes, that is a Charlton Heston forever stamp that I used.

UPDATE: I just noticed that I misspelled Boerne, Texas. I put a “U” where it should have been an “E”. I hope my misspelling doesn’t cause it to be tossed.

10 thoughts on “My NRA Board Election Ballot”

  1. Will do. My ballot hasn’t showed up yet. Of course, in the last year, I have had 4 pieces of mail simply disappear. One showed up after a month but the other 3 were gone without a trace.

  2. My ballot showed up a couple days ago. It is frustrating (and seemingly pointless) however, when as fast as we try to elect good people to the board, the other good people who were previously elected step down. Seems to me that if we hadn’t had a dozen or more board members quit in frustration, we’d be a dozen or more closer to having the needed majority to start making changes. So in the long run, are we spinning our wheels?

  3. Hmmm… why are all the ballots different? My ballot from Freedom 1st magazine has Owen Buzz Mills listed as no. 17 on the list. My husband’s ballot came out of American Rifleman and Owen Buzz Mills is listed as no. 23 on the list. I noticed yours had him listed as no 1.

    Is this normal? What’s up with all the different ballots?

    1. Yes that is normal. I think they usually have five different arrangements of the ballots.

  4. On the different ballots issue, I think it says that somewhere in the big packet that came with the ballots. They rotate them and have multiple versions so as not to give someone an advantage just based on listing order.

  5. I appreciated you showing who you wrote in on the ballot. I did the same and spelled Boerne, TX as it should’ve been after seeing your update. I liked your pick of Buzz Mills as well.

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