NRA Has Me Shaking My Head Again

The NRA Annual Meeting is little more than two months away. They are finalizing their speakers and seminar presenters as they should. One of the seminar presenters is John Correia who is a trainer, self-defense analyst, and all around nice guy.

John’s YouTube channel has 2.42 million subscribers with millions and millions of views. If you click here, you can see his introduction to his channel.

John is putting on six classroom seminars over the course of the NRA Annual Meeting weekend. These are free to Annual Meeting attendees. In a state that will be going permitless carry just in time for the Annual Meeting, seminars on the do’s and don’t’s of protecting yourself and loved ones would seem to be critical to me. His training is evidence-based and is real world.

John is not getting paid to present these seminars. However, presenters such as John have gotten their travel expenses compensated for in the past as well they should. I know my good friend David Yamane had his hotel and travel expenses covered when he spoke at the National Firearms Law Seminar back in 2019 in Indianapolis. I know because David told me.

I saw a post from John today on Facebook that just had me shaking my head.

Just a single point of data, but it is true. I was asked by the NRA to kind of headline a training push at NRAAM this year, and so asked to do 6 classroom seminars over the weekend. I agreed and all I asked in return was two coach plane tickets and a pro-rata share of the Airbnb I am renting for ASP staff for the weekend.

They initially agreed but yesterday emailed to tell me that they no longer can offer any reimbursement for speakers travel or any honorarium.

I guess that failed bankruptcy filing and making sure WLP has a nice jet to fly on and new suits costs too much to think about the people who will actually help your constituents at your conference.

Le sigh. We will still be there, and I will still do a seminar every day because it will help the attendees and the overall RKBA. But as a benefactor patriot whateverthehell level life member I am right now, it’s frustrating to see the organization miss the mark so often.

John wasn’t asking for a private Gulfstream charter with a suite at the Four Seasons. He was asking for coach tickets and a pro-rata share of his Airbnb.

Do you think Wayne flies coach and stays at an Airbnb to save on the NRA’s expenses?

If you listened to just a few minutes of his rambling testimony during the abortive bankruptcy trial you know the answer to that.

All I can say – as many of us have said over and over – WTF NRA?

10 thoughts on “NRA Has Me Shaking My Head Again”

  1. How confident are you that NRA will actually have an Annual Meeting this year? Between hysteria over the Delta variant and New York reaming them a new one, I’m dubious that this will even happen.

  2. Which is why I suspended all dues payments and throw every piece of mail straight into the recycling bin from the mailbox.

    Not one more penny until WLP is gone.

    1. Not paying dues means you won’t have a voice to help push for change. As a non-member, they owe you no answers to anything. You can be a bigger pain in their ass as a member.

      1. I am a Life Member so no dues. But the extra money I used to send them is going to the Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund instead which by the way, the NRA should be supporting but if they are, nobody is talking.

        1. Withholding donations as a member is different than “suspending all dues payments.” Withholding additional giving is an effective strategy, especially if you let them know that you’re not donating because of the current leadership’s decisions. But the original commenter who isn’t paying dues – dude, you’re not a member and they have zero accountability to you. When there’s a great opportunity to make an impact, guess who won’t be part of the solution?

          For anyone still in the dues paying cycle (because they haven’t gone Life), it’s also helpful to find a recruiter to renew through. Why? It’s cheaper (savings of $10/year) so it’s less from your pocket to NRA’s bank account, and even less for the NRA in the end because they have to pay the recruiter a fee, something like $6 I think for a renewal. (It’s a bit more for a new member.) It’s a way to put fewer dollars in the hands of Wayne while remaining in the organization to have a say.

  3. Sort of OT but did you notice that Chris Cox was a speaker at Mike Lindell’s big Trump rally.

  4. Bitter is right. If we bail, there is no one to oppose the Friends Of Wayne.

    And sadly, after those depositions, we KNOW WTF unfortunately.

    When this all started, I thought it was a nakedly political attempt to silence a pro gun organization. And it probably still is, but it is like the NRA is being run by it’s worst enemies right now.

  5. I am a life (Patron) member…not happy with the NRA right now, and the only solution I see is Wayne and company (all the senior board, in fact) go away.

    Right now, the board may want to go away on their own: The insurer of last resort, Lloyds of London, will not insure the board.

    If they are not indemnified they are personally on the hook for their misdeeds…
    Time to go. Don’t let the door hit you, etc.

    1. Raises several interesting questions. What happens if the board goes away or at least enough to prevent a quorum? Can the NRA even function at that point. This is Directors and Officers insurance so did they just pull the plug on WLP too. I would think he qualifies as an Officer but I am too lazy to dive into the Bylaws. NRA is apparently trying to get other insurance but isn’t Lloyds sort of a last resort. Lloyds, like so many others, is increasingly woke and has been harassed repeatedly by gun control fanatics so they may just be using the scandal as an excuse. What other insurance company is willing to step into this mess? I have no idea whether NRA’s designation of $5M in assets to indemnify directors and officers is adequate but I suppose it is a token of their intent to pledge the entire asset base to protect directors.

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