2021 NRA Board Election Results

The unofficial election results for the NRA Board of Directors has been released. First, off no write-in candidate was elected meaning that neither Frank Tait nor Rocky Marshall gathered enough votes. Second, everyone who was nominated and didn’t drop out was elected to either three year or one year terms.

Three year terms in order of votes received:

Ronnie Barrett

Carrie Lightfoot

Wayne Anthony Ross

Carolyn Dodgen Meadows

Edie P. Fleeman

Owen Buz Mills

Jim Tomes

Don Saba

Bill Miller

Maria Heil

Donald J. Bradway

Robert J. Wos

William Bachenberg

Scott L. Bach

Kim Rhode

Craig Swartz

Joel Friedman

John C. Sigler

Janet D. Nyce

Niger Roy Innis

David G. Coy

John L. Cushman

David A. Keene

James L. Wallace

Dean Cain

For one year terms:

Anthony P. Colandro

Antonio Hernandez

James Chapman

It is my understanding that there will not be an election for the 76th Director at the NRA Annual Meeting. The nominees for 76th Director are traditionally those who were on the ballot that did not get elected in the regular election. With everyone on the ballot being elected, I guess the argument is that there are no nominees for 76th Director. That said, Charlton Heston was elected as the 76th Director based upon being a right-in candidate. Somewhere along the way the bylaws got changed to remove this possibility.

An alternative explanation could be that Wayne’s trick of using expense-paid “volunteers” from the NRA Members’ Councils of California to campaign for his selected candidate has come to light. Not only was it exposed in the Gangster Capitalism podcast last year but it is now part of the New York Attorney General’s amended complaint (see paragraphs 311 and 312.)

It could also be that he has so many loyalists elected that he doesn’t need to waste our member’s dues to elect just one more.

5 thoughts on “2021 NRA Board Election Results”

  1. What an interesting turn of events. I predicted they didn’t have enough candidates to fill the seats they had open, and the 76th is required from bylaws to come from the pool of losers.

    Interesting that this is their interpretation of their openings. And keep in mind that this list includes Buz Mills who will, presumably, resign again.

  2. I decided to not waste my time voting this year. Everyone on the nomination list was already tainted by the scandals ongoing, and I couldn’t bring myself to vote for someone who I felt deserved respect if my vote might put them in personal legal and financial danger by joining a Board that no longer had even rudimentary D&O protection, as well as tarnishing their reputation when this house of cards implodes. Besides, why participate in a charade in the first place, as the Board elections have become (if they weren’t always a charade).

    1. You make a very good point about it being a charade. That is especially true this year.

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