An International Pronouns Day? Who Knew?

Thank to a tweet from the US State Department, I learned yesterday was the International Pronouns Day.

It is so good to see that our diplomats are keeping us abreast of the really important things going on internationally. Without their tweets, we might be stuck thinking about American citizens and our non-US allies still stuck behind in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan or the new hypersonic missile just launched by the ChiComms.

My pronouns are: ego / is / mē / eum.

3 thoughts on “An International Pronouns Day? Who Knew?”

  1. Last year at my physician’s office, I was asked about my pronouns. I’m over 6 feet tall, ~240 pounds, still have a “stach although the beard went away to allow a seal on the respirator. Standing there in my briefs, I replied that if the physician had to ask what to check, perhaps I’d better be looking for another physician. They were nor happy with that answer, but haven’t bothered me since. The physician had a good laugh out of the exchange.

    As a practical matter, the phyician checks the physical chassis. He don’t care what religion, political party, or gender I “identify” with. It is, and should be, irrelevant. They do, appropriately, ask about medications, supplements, and prior medical history. You fantasies don’t matter. To a physician only biology matters.

    “Pronouns”, Indeed!

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