ATF’s PR Campaign Against Self-Made Firearms

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is engaged in a public relations campaign using the mainstream media to build support for their proposed rulemaking that includes identification of privately made firearms. Of course, the mainstream media and the leadership of the BATFE are calling them “ghost guns” as that term is meant to scare those who are uninformed.

A case in point is a report that aired tonight on the CBS Evening News. The report by Jeff Pegues included an interview with Acting BATFE Director Marvin Richardson. The report slyly included the Glock auto switch in with 80% frames and 3-D printed frames. I say slyly because the Glock auto switch is considered a machine gun and would be illegal to make or own for an ordinary person given the Hughes Amendment. What the story also doesn’t really say is that no matter the origin of any firearm, self-made, stolen, or purchased, it is still illegal for a prohibited person to possess one as well as the ammunition. Nonetheless, they continue to blame the firearm for crime and not the illegal possessor.

You can see this for yourself in the video below:

Bear in mind that over 249,000 comments were received on this proposed rulemaking. While I don’t have the final breakdown between those in favor and those against this proposed rule, I am going to make an informed guess that that 90% or more were against it. In the end, the BATFE will do what the Biden Administration wants and enact the rule. They will ignore our comments and will basically tell the American people who don’t want it to f*%$ off. Court cases will be filed, money wasted on enforcing an unenforceable law, and nothing will stop those who are prohibited from possessing a firearm from doing whatever they want.