NYPD Signals They Expect To Lose Bruen

The New York Police Department is looking to hire 73 part-time investigators whose job includes doing background checks for handgun licenses.

From Rob Romano on Twitter:

Among the job duties the NYPD has for these new hires is this:

Conducting interviews and investigations of candidates applying for handgun licenses; process various applications for carrying handguns; determine and ensure applicant meets requirements for license requested; fingerprint applicant using LIVESCAN system; research various databases and contact references to substantiate information submitted by applicant; and notify applicant of approval or appeal process for denial of handgun permit.

While you can never predict what the Supreme Court will do, it seems to me that the NYPD is signaling that they expect the court to rule against New York in NYSRPA v. Bruen. That case is a challenge to the state’s denial of carry permits for the purpose of self-defense.

In this instance, I really hope that the NYPD is correct in their assessment.

5 thoughts on “NYPD Signals They Expect To Lose Bruen”

  1. Shame that they didn’t hire people to investigate crimes and prosecute the perpetrators. Can there be a legal suit for malfeasance or conspiracy to commit?

    Asking for a friend.

  2. If New York falls, so does California and all other May Issue states, IMO. That would be HUGE!!!

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