Allen West Agrees To Challenge Wayne

Lt. Col. Allen West (USA-Retired) has agreed to challenge Wayne LaPierre for election as the Executive VP and CEO of the NRA.

Now do I think he will be successful?


The reason is that too many members of the Board of Directors mistakenly believe their loyalty should be to Wayne and not to the NRA. They have long ago forgotten their fiduciary duty – if they ever learned it to begin with. I have read the attacks by David Keene and Marion Hammer on the idea of West being the next EVP and it is obvious that they think their loyalty should be to Wayne. More on that in a separate post.

As Rocky Marshall notes in the press release embedded below, the leadership of the NRA will be changed. The only question is whether it will be in Houston by the board or will it be in New York by the judge. When I say leadership I mean more than Wayne. Both Charles Cotton and David Coy, due to their chairing the Audit and Finance Committees respectively, are in too deep for the courts to allow them to remain in office. As to Willes Lee then moving up to be President of the NRA, I feel the same about that as I would about Kamala Harris moving up to be the President of the US.

Below is the press release sent out today announcing that West had agreed to challenge Wayne.


4 thoughts on “Allen West Agrees To Challenge Wayne”

  1. It’s going to take a house cleaning. As you say, the Board can do it in Houston, or the Judge in New York will. I wish the Board would, though I don’t expect it. If the Judge orders it, look for Brewer & Co. to appeal at every level and continue to bleed the organization white.

  2. I wish the board had some numbers so they could see how much Wayne is hurting them.

    I know I can’t be the only one.

    Been a life member for enough years that I forget when I got it. When I started reading some of the stories about Wayne and looking into things, I said, “not another penny.” I used to end up sending in something every year. No more.

  3. Normally when upper management leads a group into bankruptcy, they get the boot. Of course the NRA has also supported every Federal gun law now in effect, and that goes back to 1934. That’s leadership you can count on!

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