Every GOP Senator Needs To Read These Two Articles

While there may be other reasons to vote for Republicans, I would wager the reason most gun owners vote for the GOP candidate is they are expected to be more pro-rights and less anti-gun. Now we are watching a dance in the US Senate between Democrats gun prohibitionists and some Republican senators. Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has been detailed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to “negotiate” with the Democrats on gun control measures.

It is not portrayed as gun control but gun reform. That is the new buzzword that has replaced gun safety in the lexicon of the mainstream media and the gun prohibitionists.

I try not to curse on the blog but why the fuck should we bother voting for Republicans when they are scheming with Democrats on how to stab us in the back. Is the death by a thousand cuts over time any better than one big thrust of the gun control knife? Our rights are still gone.

I suggest every Republican senator needs to be required to read these two articles by Kurt Schlicher and Lee Williams respectively.

Kurt’s article is published at Townhall.com. As he notes, compromise involves getting something in return for giving something up.

See, I’m missing the part where we get something in return instead of merely losing less. But the durwoods of the softcon wing of the GOP seem pretty eager to fail less spectacularly than they might otherwise and call it a victory. 

He goes on to conclude:

But you are supposed to be dazzled by the stars and submit. You can be sure there are GOP dummies just aching to, held back only by Mitch McConnell – the frustrating Murder Turtle who nevertheless is no dummy – whispering in their ears that screwing us over on guns is just about the only thing that can turn an electoral environment of $6 a gallon gas and public school groomers into a Republican rout.

No, this is not the time to go soft. This is not the time to indulge the perennial Republican disease of craven spinelessness in the face of Democrats and their regime media minions screaming lies about them. This is the time to say “No.”

No compromise on our rights. Not now. Not ever. 

Likewise, Lee Williams, The Gun Writer, has published an article on Substack entitled, “No. No talks. No compromises. Nothing. No means no.” As he notes, the gun prohibitionists know that getting us to give up a slice of bread now means that eventually they will get the whole loaf.

I’m with Lee when he writes:

I am sick of watching our gun rights being bartered away by RINOs, Quislings and traitors, none of whom speak for me. None of whom understand guns. None of whom have likely even fired a damn gun. And, quite frankly, I don’t care which liberal Hollywood actor they drag in next to buttress their case.

Lee notes and I concur that we have nothing to gain in any of these negotiations or discussions with Sen. Chris Murphy (RD-CT) and others of his ilk. The Democrats and their legacy media allies want to drag this out as long as possible in an effort to make us forget about gas prices, inflation, supply-chain issues, and our rapidly diminishing retirement savings.

If you are represented in the Senate by a Republican senator (or even a Democrat like Sinema, Tester, or Manchin), you need to be writing, calling, emailing, and faxing their offices daily. Let them know where you stand. Send them these articles. Make sure they know their chances of re-election are between slim and none if they cave to the gun prohibitionists. If you have donated to them in the past, make sure they know it and that the money stops if they cave. The only way we are going to win this is if they know to fear us more than what is being broadcast on the legacy media non-stop.

7 thoughts on “Every GOP Senator Needs To Read These Two Articles”

    1. That’s why I need an editor before I hit publish! My mind and my fingers don’t always communicate properly.

  1. With me this is preaching to the choir.
    I’ve felt like Cassandra for years, warning friends and associates about these RINOs and Fudds. My learning experience started with Reagan when he caved on immigration and the budget. Since then it has been one bit of expedience after another, and the only guiding principle has been to get the liars one more term in office. Just give us the House… Just give us the Senate… All we need is the Presidency… and then bend over while we screw you one more time. How many times have we heard “This will be the most important election in our lifetime”? Yeah, right, until the next one. Finally, after 32 years (2002) of swallowing the BS, GW convinced me I was wasting my time. Apparently, even after the way they treated DJT, most Republicans still enjoy the taste.

  2. We can hope that McConnell is simply being duplicitous (Look the word up in the dictionary and there is a picture of him.) But even if he is, negotiating with terrorists is not a good look and conservatives have many reasons other than this not to trust him and his minions.

    A litmus test for supporting any Republican Senate nominee needs to be that they need to commit to ousting McConnell.

    1. Lol. Not sure I follow, but perhaps we are too often inclined to make perfect the enemy of the good.

      1. Agree about perfect and good but what we have is a choice between evil and more evil The Turtle is not remotely good.

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