Anti-Rights CEOs

My good friend Liston Matthews just put out a post about anti-rights CEOs. It seems a number of corporate CEOs thought it was a great idea to engage in virtue signaling post-Buffalo and post-Uvalde.

Here is a list of CEO’s who are gun banners. Not surprisingly, it includes the CEO’s of Dick’s Sporting Goods and Levi’s. Most of these I am unfamiliar with. 

Why is it that people can’t understand that we have a criminal violence problem? IF they were able to ban production from today forward, there is something on the order of half a billion firearms extant in the United States. Those won’t go away. 

And, btw, how well has their drug ban worked?

And, btw, how well did their alcohol ban work?

As I noted about Wild Turkey bourbon and rye, I have made the choice not to purchase their product so long as Matthew McConaughey is their Creative Director. So it is with the products put out by the companies of these CEOs. I do certainly recognize that often we do have a choice about using their product. The companies for which we labor have made that choice and we have to reluctantly go along with it. However, where you do have a choice, I would say there are usually many other viable options in the market.

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