Protest Against Tillis In Raleigh Starts At 10am Friday

This is just a reminder. Grass Roots North Carolina will be holding a protest outside the office of Sen. Thom Tillis (D-NC) tomorrow. It starts at 10am and will feature the hero of the Sutherland Springs Stephen Willeford.

If you can be there, be there. Information below is from GRNC

Gun Group to Picket Tillis Office 

Grass Roots NC will demonstrate against 

Tillis role in federal gun control

[Raleigh] On Friday, June 24 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) will be picketing Sen. “Traitor Thom” Tillis at his district office at 310 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, NC, 27601. The focus will be Tillis’ participation in federal gun control. Additional details are available at

“Traitor Thom” is also a coward

To avoid the “redress of grievances” with his constituents guaranteed by the First Amendment, a Tillis staff member says they will close the office on Friday, demonstrating clearly that Tillis doesn’t want to hear from his constituents. Accordingly, Tillis is not only a traitor to the gun voters who gave him his narrow victory in the 2020 elections, but also a coward afraid to face his constituents.

Sutherland Springs hero

GRNC is bringing in Stephen Willeford, the hero who stopped the mass killing at First Baptist Church in Southerland Springs, TX by shooting and wounding the perpetrator with an AR-15 and then chasing the perpetrator’s motor vehicle to prevent him from committing further killings. Willeford will address the demonstration because his experience illustrates that only armed deterrence and intervention will stop mass killers.

Capitulation, not compromise

Democrats exploit mass killings to further their pre-ordained agenda to disarm the American public. The “solutions” they impose have no impact on mass murder.

What Republicans claim is a “compromise” negotiated by Tillis, John Cornyn (R-TX) and eight other Republicans is not a “compromise” at all because Second Amendment supporters gain nothing. In truth, it is capitulation, virtually guaranteeing that Democrats will soon demand more gun control.

GRNC position on gun control measures

GRNC opposes all measures in the Senate gun control package being voted on today, including:

♦ “Red flag” gun confiscation orders: Gun confiscation orders (GCOs) are issued in “ex parte” hearings in which the accused is not only denied the ability to defend himself in court but might not even know the order has been issued until law enforcement officers show up to confiscate his guns. In 2018, 61-year-old Gary Willis was shot by police after responding to banging on his door at 5:17 AM with a gun in hand. At least one-third of such orders are issued spuriously upon complaints by vengeful ex-spouses and other complainants with grievances. Ironically, if the person is truly dangerous, GCOs leave him at large and able to commit violence with other weapons.

So-called “boyfriend loophole”: This measure further expands the list of people prohibited from owning firearms after committing only misdemeanors rather than felonies. Although Republicans will argue the prohibition is only for five years, it creates another “loophole” which Democrats will eventually exploit to incrementally restrict private gun ownership.

♦Age restrictions and juvenile record provisions: Under these measures, an urban 20-year-old single mother living amidst rioting and looting would have a waiting period to obtain a firearm for self-protection. It represents an unconstitutional infringement on the constitutional rights of people old enough to drive, vote, and die in the service of their country.

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