Yippee Ki-Yay….Trenches?

Was it all quiet when the Germans beat the Apaches? Or the Kaiser surrendered to Geronimo? Did they really have saguaro cacti in Flanders?

Did someone at Amazon, which is where this book cover was posted, confuse Erich Maria Remarque with Louis L’Amour? While both served time in the military in Europe, it was in different wars. Remarque served in the Great War while L’Amour served in a Quartermaster Company in World War II.

The book was made into a movie at least twice with a third in post-production according to IMDB.com. The 1979 version featuring Richard Thomas is available on Prime Video. Beyond the movies, excerpts of the book used to be required reading in high school English class.

Frankly, I have no idea what the people at Amazon were thinking using this illustration. However, it is so absurd that it becomes the subject of a blog post on a quiet Sunday afternoon for which I thank them.

H/T Michael W.

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